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It is widely acknowledged and accepted that Whakatōhea has suffered significant prejudice as a result of various Crown acts or omissions since 1840, including the large scale raupatu (confiscation) of Whakatōhea whenua (land) in the 1860s. Whakatōhea first attempted to settle the historical Whakatōhea raupatu claims against the Crown in 1996.  For 21 years our hapū have lead a hapū driven process aimed at settling with the Crown, once and for all, our historical Treaty of Waitangi claims (the Historical Claims).

The Whakatōhea Pre-settlement Trust was set up in October 2016 following a robust election and appointment process. 91.6% of the iwi voted in favour of approving the set up of the Trust to progress Whakatōhea treaty settlements with the Crown.

The Trust has representation from Marae, hapū and the Trust Board and provides an inclusive and comprehensive membership with a wide range of skills and knowledge regarding Whakatōhea history and its vision for the future.

With the Trustees in place we encourage you to attend the many hui that will be taking place in Whakatōhea and around the country. This is your opportunity to understand what has happened and what is currently taking place. Come and meet your trustees!

Nau mai haere mai.

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