Share our Journey

Share our journey

“You ask, who am I? I am Te Whakatōhea ki Ōpōtiki” – Dr. Ranginui Walker.

The people of Te Whakatōhea have always been entrepreneurs and innovators. Our tūpuna once had a thriving economy in Ōpōtiki.

As hapū, and as an iwi, we have been through significant challenges. Raupatu, re-settlement, and now re-building.

The proposed settlement for Te Whakatōhea will provide the tools and a platform for our iwi to realise our aspirations for a prosperous future for our mokopuna. No settlement will ever compensate Te Whakatōhea for the wrongs done to our iwi, but this is a start.

There is still a long way to go, a lot more korerō and time for us to come together and share this journey as Te Whakatōhea. In the end, it will be up to all of Whakatōhea to decide if this settlement is right for us.

The recent Waitangi Tribunal hearing was an important opportunity for our people to have a say, and we mihi to everyone who was involved.

The Trustees of the Whakatōhea Pre-Settlement Claims Trust understand that not everyone agrees with this settlement and that’s their right. Our door is always open as we continue our hard work on behalf of all Whakatōhea. We are all Whakatōhea.

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